Mindpalace ; At the 11th hour

|| Act I ||

Ever imagined a different version of a different day in your head? Maybe if you’d made one miniscule change, just a tiny moment maybe .. what could have happened ?Haven’t we seen enough television, audio, real live videos everyday to make a script up in our head ? Don’t you do that?

Think about the last time you did that. Done? Now think about the most perfect moment in time..a moment so pure that nothing, not even a small spash of water on your train of thought, not even the biggest discomfort in that day could ruin that memory. Done ? Think about it harder.. maybe there are more than one..or maybe just the one ? Done .. are you really done ..

|| Act II ||

Now imagine living like that everyday? Which one of the above are you imagining? That’s the real question? Which one made you smile .. not laugh .. just smile .. for a little while. Is that more meaningful to you? Or is have a scripted perfect moment just the way you pictured it go right more powerful ?

The mind is a tricky thing isn’t it. Where you want something but you know you need something even more. Which is more important then? Which one would you chose? How important is choice to you? Think about it .. think about it harder .. think about it day in and day out. Think about what it would feel like to have to make that choice at every 11th hour.

|| Act III ||

At the stroke of midnight, does your mind keep you awake? Does it evoke a thought? A thought you pushed deep deep inside. Inside your Pandora’s box. Do you have one? I’m pretty sure we all have one. But can you keep that box locked? Safe? Till kindom come?

Can I sleep in your brain , tonight stranger. Strong words from a strong song. So apt for a show with an even stronger message. But the question still remains .. which show are you thinking about ? Which moment are you imagining? Which memory are you reminiscing right before your 11th hour.