A midnight conversation with an Ex-boyfriend

Guessing which one? If he ever happens to read this, he’ll know. He probably might not even remember that we dated at one point in time. But that’s not my problem, I possess the power to transport myself back in time, and for too long I considered it to be a flaw. But this conversation made me realize that this power, that I have been giving ugly names to, is my skill; my gift.

To be skillful and be unapologetic about it is something that I took from this random 12 am talk, without any context of why we felt like talking to each other that day. And the real question is, does it really matter? Why do we stop ourselves from temptation at times. This conversation had nothing to do with temptation. It was just such a healthy discussion of a memory frozen in time. A brief memory, that we together reminded each other of; Of what we shared and of where we were in life today. It was devoid of any other emotion but joy. A mutual joy for each other, that we were at a healthy place in life, healthy enough to have a random conversation over the phone.

A phone call in today’s world is what I consider an intimate investment. We are too busy in our rat-races to actually take the time out and have a one on one conversation with one another. Everyone’s race is different, but with the same goal. But to be passionate about your race and proud of what you have over/under achieved is what this boy reminded me.

Oh god another boy! These boys! These men! They are my true inspiration really.

We spoke about so many philosophical things, maybe because we both happened to reach that mutual state of mental peace. A place where you stop and question your life decisions. You can either drown in never-ending regret; possess the privileged to only remember the joy-filled moments; or the third, which is something that I’ve always believed in, think of them all and then learn from it, and move on with a smile. A ‘chalta hai’ attitude might be the healthiest way to live.

The only difference though, in our thought process was that he happened to be intoxicated, and I was just about to retire for the day. Which made me think, was it the time of the night? Does a time in the day, temperature, silence, light, mood matter so much for two people to have a healthy discussion? Honestly I would have had the same opinions, asked him the same questions, reacted in the same way devoid of all this. But does the audience’s state of mind matter? From an entertainer’s perspective, will a piece of music, dance or oration lead to a different tangent if not delivered with the perfect timing.

How important is time to you?

How important is timing to you?

To freeze a random moment in time

The streets of Bombay without its markets

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