Time ; Space ; Continuum

In light of the pandemic that has hit us, health isn’t the only thing that is at stake. What it has done is given us enough time to reflect on other important aspects of our lives, personal relationships in particular. It has also allowed us to reflect back at the last moments we lived right before the world stood still. The moments I am truely glad I experienced right before the lock-down was implemented in India is what you’re about to read.

A preface to “Love in the Time of Corona”

Imagine, in a technology-driven world, connecting with someone in the absence of the same. Imagine, re-living every single experience of your life, over three bottles of water. Imagine, sitting in a confined space for hours together and experiencing endless conversations. Imagine, being in a state of perfect loneliness and finding yourself in someone else.

When was the last time you had a no-filter conversation with a random stranger—about your past, present and future—with no intention of it leading to anything whatsoever? When was the last time you shared every single meal with a person and didn’t feel the need to force a dialogue? Sounds like the plot of a rom-com, doesn’t it?

In a city driven towards vigorously achieving professional goals whilst suppressing personal ones, finding someone can be a challenge in itself. That’s exactly how this conversation began, trying to voice our opinions on everything and anything we had preconceived notions about. As the debate progressed, our opinions grew stronger and the crowd went out of focus. To give you more context, this meet cute was set in one of the most orthodox places you can think of in the city of Mumbai. A place where members of the opposite sex even remotely conversing with one another, would immediately be considered to be falling in love. But this healthy exchange of thoughts driven by life lessons were just too intriguing for us to stop.

Every single emotion flowing out of us felt just right. The lack of a generation gap, which entered our conversation later than one would expect, brought out similar past experiences. Timing is something that is so critical when it comes to building any relationship, let alone a romantic one. This very common thought was the turning point for us, sitting in the lobby of a dormitory. As the clock struck midnight, words transformed into tender physical actions. From the basket of emotions that we weaved for ourselves, connections that seemed mental, suddenly were taken over by desire.

The rest is still under construction, since all of this was disrupted by distance and personal commitments. Our mental connections however, continue to grow stronger as our dialogue gets softer day by day. It still feels too good to be true sometimes, to find someone who fits like a glove into my universe.

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