Time ; Space ; Continuum

In light of the pandemic that has hit us, health isn't the only thing that is at stake. What it has done is given us enough time to reflect on other important aspects of our lives, personal relationships in particular. It has also allowed us to reflect back at the last moments we lived right before the world stood still. The moments I am truely glad I experienced right before the lock-down was implemented in India is what you're about to read. A preface to "Love in the Time of Corona"

An Introduction to Bombay

My second time around living in Bombay started off very differently. I came prepared with all its ugly sides that I'd seen before. But this city gave me so much knowledge before, taught me so much, I wanted to give it another shot. A less crowded churchgate station A friend of mine happened to to… Continue reading An Introduction to Bombay

The Girl who wouldn’t Shut Up

I recently happened to take a flight from Delhi to Bombay. Shared a very interesting conversation with a lovely 43 year old gentlemen, who didn't' shy away from talking about anything. It felt so liberating to sit next to someone who actually was ready to have a healthy debate/discussion rather than listen to crying babies.